Confessions of a Bipolar Mardi Gras Queen

It’s been thirteen years since the original, hardcover publication of CONFESSIONS OF A BIPOLAR MARDI GRAS QUEEN by Marie Etienne . Now, I’m thrilled to introduce the newly designed cover for the paperback edition. If you missed reading this follow-up memoir to Storkbites: A Memoir, now is your chance.

The beautiful model for the cover was my neighbor and babysitter Kylie. Wearing the costume that I wore from my Berengaria of Navarre days, Kylie looked like a queen. I shot 800 + pictures at a park in the San Francisco East Bay on a sunny day. Children stood around the park watching Kyle swing as I snapped photos. Some young girls would say, “Are you a real princess?” “I want to be a princess like you when I grow up.”

CONFESSIONS OF A BIPOLAR MARDI GRAS QUEEN is filled with true stories that swing between hilarity and devastation. One of nine children growing up in a wealthy family in Southern Louisiana, Marie Etienne spent decades risking everything in her search for happiness, sanity, and love. As an adult, her increasingly erratic behavior mirrored the drama of her childhood.

At 43, recently diagnosed with bipolar and on the brink of suicide, Marie’s last-ditch hope was to come to terms with her deep-rooted feelings of fear, shame, and resentment by facing who she really was, who she wanted to be, and what she was willing to do to make her life worth living. Marie’s story reveals the unstoppable drive of one woman determined to stop the cycle of abuse.

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