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Then There Was Larry: A Memoir by Marie Estorge

In the middle of otherwise by Marie Estorge

Storkbites: a Memoir by Marie Etienne

Confessions of a Bi-Polar Mardi Gras Queen by Marie Etienne



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“In Then There Was Larry, Marie Estorge delves unapologetically into the universal themes of love and betrayal with the keen eye of a surgeon’s scalpel; dissecting, slicing, juxtaposing the truth against the backdrop of loyalty, friendships, and the unconscionable versus the forgivable. Sit down. Strap yourselves in. Enjoy the ride. ” Regina Louise, author of Someone Has Led This Child to Believe

“Then There Was Larry is an eye-opening cautionary tale for women everywhere. Marie Estorge’s story is not an unusual one when it comes to sexual predators as there are thousands who are victimized each year. Marie Estorge shares her story with self-effacing humor and stark honesty. I connected with Marie, nodding my head in agreement the further I delved into this memoir. ” N. N. Light


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N.N. Light’s Book Heaven 5 star review December 2, 2020

“Jenny, overcome with grief over the accidental death of her toddler son, decides today is the day she’s going to kill herself. She has nothing to live for… or does she? When she meets insurance salesman Brodie, she wonders if the universe is telling her something. Can Jenny find meaning and purpose or will she carry out her own suicide?

In the Middle of Otherwise is a powerful piece of fiction. Told from two polar opposite POV’s over the course of one day, this story casts a new light on human frailty. From the first page, I was hooked. The character-driven plot moves at a nice easy pace with emotional narration. My heart went out to both Brodie and Jenny, for different reasons, of course. Marie Estorge has a gift for drawing the reader into the story and engaging the reader until the very last page. There’s a clear message of redemption here which I loved. The ending tugged at my heartstrings. If you’re looking for a story you won’t be able to stop reading, pick up In the Middle of Otherwise. Highly recommend!”

Rating: 5 stars

“In the Middle of Otherwise depicts a tale of people whose lives take dramatic turns for the worse. Marie Estorge unfolds their compelling stories of endurance and redemption in the face of daunting odds. The ending, both deft and clever, will make you happy you read this book.”  – Paul De Lancey, author of Beneficial Murders and Following Good Food Around the World.



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“A compelling memoir…Etienne’s writing is fresh; her epiphany is clear, her ending powerful and satisfying.” — San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, August 10, 2003

“Storkbites is a complicated portrait of a family…The writing is vivid and honest.” — Adair Lara, Hold Me Close, Let Me Go

“In documenting her childhood, Marie Etienne seeks to understand the antecedents of her own adult attacks of rage and violence, making a vow not to perpetuate the legacy of Storkbites into the next generation of her own two sons.” — Peggy Vincent, Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife


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Midwest Book Review says, “Mardi Gras is supposed to be an epic celebration, yet it was one part of the puzzle that sent Marie Etienne between two extremes. “Confessions of a Bi-Polar Mardi Gras Queen” is the Marie’s second memoir, dropping true stories of her life that read like fiction and give the reader much empathy with Marie’s bipolar condition. She also hopes to inspire others with her will as a mother and woman of the world, and “Confessions of a Bi-Polar Mardi Gras Queen” is a fine execution of that goal.

“Marie Etienne has not lived an ordinary life, as the title of her second memoir suggests. Born into a wealthy family, she endured the untimely deaths of her alcoholic parents, the murder and suicide of two brothers, her own severe depression and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Nevertheless, Etienne has come back from the abyss and is anxious to help others through her inspirational stories of survival.” — Karen Jones of Publishers Weekly Show Daily, May 2008

“Marie Etienne has written a brutally frank and captivating memoir that will have readers rooting for her at each step along the way in her quest to attain balance and confidence in her life and overcome years of dysfunction and insecurity.” — Wendy Nelson Tokunaga, Love In Translation

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