In the Middle of Otherwise


Told over the course of one day and set in the suburbs of San Francisco, IN THE MIDDLE OF OTHERWISE, is a story of Brodie Marshall and his stalker, Jenny, whose lives collide one morning over a lost wallet.

Brodie Marshall has one day left to sell five life insurance policies and earn a desperately needed ten thousand dollar bonus. But Friday starts with a head-on collision with a tree during an early morning jog and the discovery that his Stanford-bound daughter has brought Gatorade spiked with vodka to school and forged his signature. Meanwhile, with her husband away on business, Jenny decides that today she will end her life. After suffering from the guilt and loss over a back-over accident where she fatally struck her son two years ago, she feels she has nothing in her life worth living for.

As Brodie and Jenny’s stories weave together, the real stakes are revealed. This story layers complexity upon complexity, building to a sense of urgency and inevitability.


SKU: 978-0-9748474-2-9


Paperback – First Edition


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