Alluvium Books is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of THEN THERE WAS LARRY, a memoir by Marie Estorge.  Marie is the bestselling author of Storkbites: A Memoir and Confessions of a Bipolar Mardi Gras Queen (penned under Marie Etienne). THEN THERE WAS LARRY is a real-life cautionary tale of deception and scandal. Marie offers a unique and razor-sharp look atContinue reading “THEN THERE WAS LARRY”

Twelve Questions for Marie Estorge

Amy Schorr asks Marie Estorge, author of IN THE MIDDLE OF OTHERWISE, 12 questions Amy: The title of your book IN THE MIDDLE OF OTHERWISE is quite intriguing. Would you please tell us about it? Marie: My day job is accounting and during a hectic financial close, my colleague said, “Here we are in theContinue reading “Twelve Questions for Marie Estorge”